Welcome to my personal photograph collection.

These original photographs are NOT for sale.

Do you need 'one time use' of Alaska historical photographs for your research or publication?
For a fee I will provide access
(like a stock photo agency) to the images in my extensive private collection, which is particularly strong in Alaska photographs from the 1870's through the 1880's.
Many of these important images have been acquired over a lifetime of intensive collecting, and can be found nowhere else.
The fee depends on what you need the image for or the nature of the publication.

As time permits I will add the titles of images in my collection. I have especially strong holdings of Brodeck, Ingersoll, Partridge, Davidson, McIntyre, Broadbent, Continent Stereoscopic, etc. I have thousands of Alaska stereoviews, way too many to list here.


  Rare 1892 stereoview of the fourth USS Ranger in Puget Sound, an iron-hulled steam-powered sailing vessel that spent time in Alaska waters surveying and patrolling the seal islands. Stereoview by Crocker.

Very rare pair of original gold rush era stereoviews showing two brothers, who are miners, smoking marijuana in the Koyukuk mining district in 1898. These are the only photographs I've ever seen that show Klondike era miners smoking marijuana! They are before smoking and after smoking shots. Very important images in the history of Cannabis.

Original Richard Maynard 3D stereoview of the oolichan (eulachon) fishery on the Nass River, B.C.  Shows a number of Native people with tall drying racks, in great 3D. I also have original 8X10 Maynard photographs of processing these fish.

Original circa 1868-9 Stereoview "Wyanda off Shubrick Point, Farallon Islands, Pacific Ocean" by Watkins, #2029. I presume this is the U.S. Revenue Steamer Wayanda, as it was often called the "Wyanda" even in the Sitka newspapers. Carleton Watkins visited the Farallon Islands in 1868-9 when the Wayanda was in San Francisco, arriving November 8, 1868, from Alaska.

Original circa 1860's unknown Stereoview of William H. Seward and his family in Auburn.

Original circa 1875 flat mount stereoview from New Bedford, Mass. The photographer is listed as Thomas Edward Mullikin White. The image shows a great street scene with the focus being Ellis's Fine Art Gallery. A large banner in the street says "Oil Paintings on Free Exhibition." Small sign for "Coffin Ware Rooms" behind that. A horse and wagon is in the street. Artists such as William Baylies (1859-1934) and William Bradford (1823-1892) had exhibitions at Ellis's Fine Art Gallery. At the end of the street can be seen a white building with it's eight Ionic columns (the building still exists today and is now a bank, across from the enterance to the New Bedford Whaling Museum).

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