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These original photographs are NOT for sale.

Do you need 'one time use' of Alaska historical photographs for your research or publication?
For a fee I will provide access
(like a stock photo agency) to the images in my extensive private collection, which is particularly strong in Alaska photographs from the 1870's through the 1880's.
Many of these important images have been acquired over a lifetime of intensive collecting, and can be found nowhere else.
The fee depends on what you need the image for or the nature of the publication.

As time permits I will add the titles of images in my collection. I have especially strong holdings of Brodeck, Ingersoll, Partridge, Davidson, McIntyre, Broadbent, Continent Stereoscopic, etc.

other photographic formats

Fantastic, sharp, real photo postcard of Hardy Trefzger of Yakutat Alaska in his tent camp. This postcard was mailed in 1918 by Hardy himself. It shows Hardy and a Tlingit partner in camp. The camp scene includes two tents, two pairs of skiis, two rifles, two dogs, two rolls of seal skins, a crosscut saw, canteen, ropes, a bear skin, and a bear trap. There are probably very few photographs in existence that show a bear trap that was actually used to trap bears. Probably 99.9% of bear traps were manufactured as ornaments; not this one! On the back of the card Hardy mentions climbing Mt. St. Elias. Hardy is smoking a pipe and holding a small skin. Hardy Trefzger wrote the book: "My fifty years of hunting, fishing, prospecting, guiding, trading, and trapping in Alaska" which has become a classic.

Important, original, magic lantern slide from the 1910 Parker-Browne expedition to Mt. McKinley showing the men in the expedition boat Explorer on a mud flat, probably tidal. Sitting on the stern of the boat is Belmore Browne with paint brush in his right hand, paint pallet in his left hand, and a canvas in front of him. An extraordinary photograph of Belmore Browne painting or sketching in Alaska! I also have a number other photographs of the 1910 Parker-Browne expedition to Mt. McKinley, including one of the Explorer, the Parker-Browne team, and Alaska Natives at, I believe, Susitna Station.

Original photograph of Professor Herschel C. Parker in Alaska. He is standing next to a box marked "H. C. Parker Talkeetna", and wall tents. Probably taken at Susitna Station or Talkeetna Station.

Unpublished photograph (and unknown to Bob Marshall's biographer) of Bob Marshall standing in front of Martin Slisco's Roadhouse in Wiseman, Alaska. This photo is similar to the one in Robert Marshall's North Doonerak, Amawk and Apoon, which has these four men standing in front of the middle fork of the Koyukuk River. In this photograph, in front of Martin Slisco's Roadhouse, are, L to R, Ken Harvey, Bob Marshall, Jesse Allen, and Nutirwik. This photograph was owned by a miner who lived at Wild Lake in the 1930's. Bob Marshall says of Nutirwik "Ernie Johnson was so busy with mining he could not come along. In his place Nutirwik joined us. He is one of the most companionable, competent and considerate of all the fine people around Wiseman, whether white or Eskimo, and always tried to do more than his share. He brought his dogs, Coffee and Whiteye, while Harvey took his dog, Moose, and they aided materially in dispersing the load." Here is an interesting story about Martin Slisco: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,848742-1,00.html

I have a large collection of early Alaska magic lantern slides from the various Corwin expeditions to northern Alaska and Siberia in the 1880's. These sharp glass slides, about 120 years old, were contact-printed directly from the original negatives.

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