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These original photographs are NOT for sale.

Do you need 'one time use' of Alaska historical photographs for your research or publication?
For a fee I will provide access
(like a stock photo agency) to the images in my extensive private collection, which is particularly strong in Alaska photographs from the 1870's through the 1880's.
Many of these important images have been acquired over a lifetime of intensive collecting, and can be found nowhere else.
The fee depends on what you need the image for or the nature of the publication.

As time permits I will add the titles of images in my collection. I have especially strong holdings of Brodeck, Ingersoll, Partridge, Davidson, McIntyre, Broadbent, Continent Stereoscopic, etc.

Alaska magic lantern slides
I have thousands of Alaska lantern slides

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Aglegmiut family, Bristol Bay, circa
        1910 (hand-tinted magic lantern glass slide photograph) by J. E.
        Thwaites, author's collection.
 Aglegmiut family, Bristol Bay, circa 1910 (hand-tinted magic lantern glass slide photograph) by J. E. Thwaites, author's collection

Original set of Alaska Lantern Slides put out by the U.S. Public Health Service, circa 1913. They show villages in the Aleutian Islands, western Alaska, Point Hope, and some of Siberia people. A few slides show doctors examining Alaska Natives.

I have a large collection of early Alaska magic lantern slides from the various Corwin expeditions to northern Alaska and Siberia in the 1880's. These sharp glass slides, about 120 years old, were contact-printed directly from the original negatives.
I have a few hand colored lantern slides from the 1894 Miranda expedition, led by Dr. Frederick Cook. The expedition was heading to the western coast of Greenland and the straits, when, ten days out of port, it struck an iceberg. The expedition went to Sukkertoppen on the Greenland coast, where it remained for a few days. When leaving the harbor, the ship struck a reef and was badly damaged, and later sank. The schooner Rigel took the crew and passengers to Sydney, Nova Scotia.

I have a collection of lantern slides of the famous ghost ship of the arctic, the Baychemo

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