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Real Photo Postcards

Fantastic, sharp, real photo postcard of Hardy Trefzger of Yakutat Alaska in his tent camp. This postcard was mailed in 1918 by Hardy himself. It shows Hardy and a Tlingit partner in camp. The camp scene includes two tents, two pairs of skiis, two rifles, two dogs, two rolls of seal skins, a crosscut saw, canteen, ropes, a bear skin, and a bear trap (A No. 5 or No. 6 Newhouse Bear Trap?). There are probably very few photographs in existence that show a bear trap that was actually used to trap bears. Probably 99% of bear traps were manufactured as ornaments; not this one! On the back of the card Hardy mentions climbing Mt. St. Elias. Hardy is smoking a pipe and holding a small skin. Hardy Trefzger wrote the book: "My fifty years of hunting, fishing, prospecting, guiding, trading, and trapping in Alaska" which has become a classic.

Two of the most extraordinary Alaska RPPCs I've ever seen. The first postcard shows 3 year old Karl Pajoman (a.k.a. Carl W. Pajoman) dressed in a Cossack uniform (nearly identical to the Cossack outfit shown at the right, right down to the Kinjal knife in young Karl's belt). Young Karl "is ready to go to war and defend his country" (that is actually written on the back by his mother).

His mother Mattie, (Mrs. Charles W. Pajoman; Matrena Salamatov), and Mrs. Mary Lorentzon, pose with young Karl (his mother writes his name as Karl Gotlieb Moses Pajoman, Jr., and again as Karl II), in this real photo postcard taken on June 1, 1911, on Afognak Island, near Kodiak, Alaska. His father, Charles W. Pajoman was, according to the 1920 U.S. Census, born in 1870 in Estonia. He immigrated in 1891 and was listed as a widower in 1920, Mattie having died at age 47. Mattie's father was Sugpiaq, her mother was Russian from Siberia.

In 1903, Charles Pajoman purchased the North American Trading Company in Afognak. In 1930, Charles, at 60 years of age is listed as being married to Caroline, 46. Charles is listed as the Proprietor of the Salmon Cannery in Afognak and Karl, 21, is listed as the Foreman of the Salmon Cannery.

The second postcard, taken on the same day on Afognak, shows young Karl Pajoman, still in his uniform and hat, holding a toy rifle and standing next to his big tricycle.

On June 19, 1991, Carl W. Pajoman was interviewed by Gary Stevens in Kodiak, Alaska, for the Kodiak Oral History Project.
Pajoman reminisces about growing up in Afognak and his years spent in Kodiak, where he owned a grocery and sold Ford automobiles. He talks about his family history, canneries, businesses in Afognak and Kodiak, his wife's family, the WWII years, changes in Kodiak, and people he's known.

One of the most poignant images from Alaska showing the pride of Russian heritage.
Cossack dress.

Two circa 1910's real photo postcards from Nushagak, Alaska. The first view is of a 5-masted model sailing ship, obviously a model of a ship that would carry the salmon pack to the lower 48. The model is about 9 feet long. There are buildings and a tower in the background. The second postcard shows nearly the same scene but with 14 men standing behind the ship model, which appears to be very well crafted. Pencil note on the postal side reads: "Nushagak Bay." They are unposted with a Cyko Stamp Box. Great pieces of Alaska maritime history! I wonder what became of this ship model?

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