Miscellanea: books, ephemera, antiques, etc., that are NOT Alaska related
(only categories marked"updated" have content)
americana: books
Antarctic: books
anthropology, archaeology, ethnology  (updated 12-13)
antiques & collectibles (updated 8-13)
antiques & collectibles: books (updated 11-02)
Arctic: books, etc. (updated 7-09)
art & architecture: books (updated 2-03)
autographs & signed books
automobile: books
aviation: books (updated 11-02)
bibles, antique
biography & autobiography
books: antique, leather, victorian bindings, etc.
California: books
children's books
civil war
civil war: books
eastern states: books
ephemera (updated Nov 2002)
genealogy (updated 12-04)
geology & U.S.G.S. (updated 7-05)
history: books (updated 11-02)
hunting & fishing: books (updated 7-09)
Indians, American: books (updated 11-02)
maps by state & country
midwestern states: books
military: books
mining: books
miscellaneous books (updated  3-2-04)
mountaineering: books
National Geographic magazine
natural history & biology: books (updated 4-10)
nautical: books, photographs, etc.  (updated 10-12)
photographs - misc (updated 1-09)
photographs - ambrotypes (updated 11-08)
photographs - cabinet cards (updated 1-13)
photographs - cartes de visite (updated 4-17)
photographs - daguerreotypes (updated 3-14)
photographs - magic lantern (updated 12-10)
photographs - stereoviews (updated 5-17)
photographs - tintypes (updated 11-08)
photography books, catalogs, ephemera, etc. (updated 12-02)
railroad: books
southern states: books
southwestern states: books
sports: books (updated 11-02)
voyages, travel, & exploration: books
Washington state: books
western states: books
whales & whaling: books

subjects I am interested in (updated 3-13)
Alaska photo research
new arrivals
Links of interest (updated 6-07)
Unidentified photographs (updated 4-16)

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