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Index to Alaska towns & regions & subjects: use this index to find a list of books about a town or region or subject

(only categories marked"updated" have content).

Agriculture (updated 9-2002)
Alaska Geographic (updated Dec 2007)
Alaska Journal: History and Arts of the North - Quarterly (updated 6- 2009)
Alaska Magazine  (updated 10-11)
Alaska Sportsman magazine  (updated 12-16)
Alaskan Southeaster Magazine (updated Jan 2008)
anthropology & ethnology (updated 4-2017)
archaeology (updated 7-2015)
art & artists
aviation (updated 6-2001)
Bell, Margaret E.
bibliography, auction catalogs, bookseller catalogs, etc. (updated 7-05)
biography (updated 4-03)
books: signed by the author
books: signed by the subject
books: signed by the famous (updated 7-15)
children's books (updated 5-05)
Cook, Captain James
cookbooks (updated 7-16)
exploration (updated 2-11)
geology & U.S.G.S. publications
gold rushes, mining, Klondike  (updated 7-05)
history: popular (updated 7-16)
history: scholarly (updated 7-15)
hunting & fishing (updated Dec 2010)
law (updated Aug 04)
London, Jack (updated 11-16)
Machetanz, Fred & Sara (updated 5-04)
military & war (updated 7-05)
miscellaneous (updated 3-17)
missions & churches
mountaineering  (updated 2001)
Muir, John (updated 6-2007)
National Geographic magazine  (updated 6-2001)
Native people (updated 2-15) 
Native people- Alaska Native Languages (updated 1-03)
natural history & biology (updated 5-2009)
nautical & voyages (updated 5-'04)
periodicals: other
poetry (updated 5-05)
railroads  (updated 6-2001)
Rain Country TV programs on VHS video tapes, by KTOO (updated 12-13)
Service, Robert W. (updated July 2011)
sled dogs, mushing, iditarod  (updated 9-2015)
VHS video tapes on Alaska (updated 12-13)
wilderness, log cabins, bush living
yearbooks: high school & college (updated 8-17)
Yukon Territory, B.C., Canada

Want List (books we purchase)  (updated 10-11)

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