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Ron Klein panoramic photography
Alaska's most experienced, and best, professional panoramic photographer

The American Magic-Lantern Theater
America’s only touring company recreating the 1890s magic-lantern shows that led to the movies. Performs in theaters, museums, fairs, and schools.
                                                                 National Public Radio calls them: “A living national treasure.” I've been to 4 of their shows and I'll keep going back!

Stereoviews are fascinating, undervalued, and an important source of historical information. They are great to collect and offer unlimited research opportunities.

Magic Lantern Society of the United States and Canada
Another great collecting field. Largely untapped and unexplored. A small group of passionate collectors will welcome you.

Magic Lantern Society (UK)
A very active group with the best research and amazing publications.

Ephemera Society of America
We have been members of The Ephemera Society of America for nearly 30 years.

The Photographer Directory

Steve Trussel's book site
A great site for book collectors!

ExploreNorth should be your first stop on the web for travel or historical information on the Yukon Territory & Alaska. I've used this great site for many years.

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Yukon & Alaska History

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