Tour of Alaska
by E. O. Thompson

E.O. Thompson was a wealthy merchant tailor in New York City who later opened a second shop in Philadelphia. In 1895, the family embarked on a an excursion to Alaska. The City of Topeka and the Queen were vessels of the Pacific Coast Steamship Company that sailed from Tacoma and Portland to Alaska during the season of May through September. These excursions were expensive and were popularized by John Muir's writings which introduced the American people to the Muir Glacier. The first photo is a full page albumen photo of the City of Topeka at Muir Glacier. The next page shows the glacier and two men, followed by two photos taken in Sitka. In total, there are _____ photos. There are also two pages of artwork of the Seattle and Olympic area by the Ward Bros 1892. Two of the photographers are LaRoch, and Winter & Pond. The California photographs of Hotel del Monde and gardens are by Johnson. The photos are of different sizes, some with excellent tonality, many show degrees of fading (likely due to using a weak gold-toning solution). The photographs are of Seattle, California, Muir Glacier, Sitka, Juneau, Killisnoo, Glenville Channel B.C., Wrangel, Metlahkatla, Port Blakeley, and Arizona.

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