We are always buying single slides and collections of Alaska magic lantern slides. Over the past 25 years we have purchased dozens of collections of Alaska magic lantern slides. Our expertise in this area includes extensive research into the history of Alaska magic lantern slides and Alaska magic lantern shows, and the manufacturers, photographers, and lanternists involved. We have also been presenting Alaska magic lantern shows to elementary schools, historical societies, and the general public in Alaska, for a number of years.

Alaska magic lantern slide

Above is an example of an Alaska glass slide. Also known as a magic lantern, or stereoptican, or stereopticon, slide.
They are usually 3 1/4 X 4 inches, or 3 1/4 X 3 1/4 inches (British), or panoramic. Sometimes black & white, sometimes in color.

We also collect the ephemera of Alaska magic lantern shows (often referred to as an "Illustrated Lecture" on Alaska or the Yukon). We will purchase show notices (broadside advertisements), tickets, catalogs, and other related paper items.

We are members of the Magic Lantern Society of the United States & Canada; Magic Lantern Society UK; and owners of the Magic Lantern discussion group (YahooGroups).

<>If you have Alaska magic lantern slides to sell, call me at (907)-789-8450, or email dick@AlaskaWanted.com

Original magic lantern glass slide of Chief Shakes house and people, Wrangell, Alaska

A group of Tlingit people with Chief Shakes VI in front of Shakes' house.
Condition: a little water seep at the top.

$95 plus $3.00 postage (international orders extra) for this 19th century glass positive slide, 3 1/4 X 4 inches in side, for projecting in a magic lantern.
[shelf locator: Ephemera Notebook: Tlingit Indians]

To order this item email dick@AlaskaWanted.com    
For sale: original
              magic lantern glass slide of Chief Shakes house and
              people, Wrangell, Alaska.

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