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Hoard of 145 Vintage Jack London Books,
Many Over 100 Years Old

I have a large stock of Jack London books, especially early reprints, that I will sell as a lot. This would be a good investment for a bookstore located near Jack London country.

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$795 plus actual media mail postage & insurance.
To order this lot of Jack London books email dick@AlaskaWanted.com
For sale: a large
              lot of 145 Vintage Jack London Books.
For sale: a large
              lot of 145 Vintage Jack London Books. All are early Jack London editions.

Included in the collection of 145 books are these early editions of Jack London books (all hardcover):

6 copies of Adventure.
4 copies of Before Adam.
16 copies of Burning Daylight.
30 copies of Call of the Wild in the dark green G&D  binding with a pasted down picture on the cover, most in above average condition, very desirable edition.
9 copies of Call of the Wild in the first edition binding (but later printings), some nice, many worn.
11 copies of Call of the Wild in miscellaneous bindings.
2 copies of Cruise of the Snark.
3 copies of Daughter of the Snows.
2 copies of Faith of Men.
4 copies of The Game.
2 copies of The God of His Fathers.
6 copies of House of Pride.
2 copies of Iron Heel.
3 copies of Jerry of the Islands.
1 copy of John Barleycorn.
1 copy of Little Lady of the Big House.
2 copies of Lost Face.
1 copy of Love of Life.
2 copies of Martin Eden.
3 copies of Michael, Brother of Jerry.
1 copy of Moon Face.
1 copy of Mutiny of the Elsinore.
3 copies of The Night Born.
1 copy of People of the Abyss.
1 copy of The Sea Wolf.
7 copies of Smoke Bellew.
1 copy of Son of the Sun.
2 copies of Son of the Wolf.
4 copies of South Sea Tales.
1 copy of Tales of the Fish Patrol.
2 copies of Turtles of Tasman.
2 copies of Valley of the Moon.
2 copies of When God Laughs.
2 copies of White Fang.
Also 2 copies of Jack London & his Times by Joan London (one in nice dust jacket).
1 copy of Jack London & the Klondike, by Walker.
1 copy of Jack London, American Rebel, by Foner.
1 two volume set of The Book of Jack London, by Charmain London.

Condition is average used books (I bought the nicer ones I found over the last 30 years).
The first image shows the books when still on the shelves. The last image shows all of the books in one photo. Call or email for more info.

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