Bowman, Amos. REPORT OF THE GEOLOGY OF THE MINING DISTRICT OF CARIBOO, BRITISH COLUMBIA. Dawson. 1888. Wraps. Large folding maps. Fine & clean. INV#1180. For price and availability email  * SOLD *

Williams, Howel (editor). Landscapes of Alaska: their Geologic Evolution, prepared by members of the United States Geological Survey. 1958. Berkeley, University of California Press, 148 pages. 23 plates. folding maps (part colored), tables. (Geology and geography of the National Park Service's recreation survey of Alaska, pt. 4, v. 1).  [keywords: Geology--Alaska. Description and travel -Alaska]. Color frontis tipped in. A classic! TABLE OF CONTENTS: INTRODUCTION by John C. Reed and Howell Williams; SOUTHEASTERN ALASKA by John C. Reed; GULF OF ALASKA AREA by Don J. Miller; WRANGELL MOUNTAINS by Robert F. Black; COPPER RIVER PLATEAU by Robert F. Black; TALKEETNA MOUNTAINS by Farrell F. Barnes; COOK INLET-SUSITNA LOWLAND by Farrell F. Barnes; THE ALASKA RANGE by Clyde Wahrhaftig; ALASKA PENINSULA-ALEUTIAN ISLANDS by Howard A. Powers; LOWLANDS AND PLAINS OF INTERIOR AND WESTERN ALASKA by Robert F. Black; INTERIOR HIGHLANDS OF WESTERN ALASKA by Joseph M. Hoare; INTERIOR HIGHLANDS OF EASTERN ALASKA by Robert M. Chapman; SEWARD PENINSULA by J. P. Hopkins and D. M. Hopkins; BROOKS RANGE by George Gryc; ARCTIC SLOPE by George Gryc; ISLANDS OF THE BERING SEA by George M. Flint, Jr. APPENDIX: GEOLOGIC TIME SCALE; GLOSSARY; INDEX .OF GEOGRAPHICAL NAMES. PHOTOGRAPHIC PLATES: Parts of the St. Elias Range and Malaspina Glacier; Hubbard Glacier entering Disenchantment Bay, Yakutat Bay area; Mount Crillon (12,726 feet) and Brady Glacier; Mount Crillon (12,726 feet) viewed across Johns Hopkins Inlet; Nunatak Fiord, Yakutat Bay; Part of the Chugach Range, including Mount Witherspoon (12,023 feet); Perspective diagram of Upper Cook Inlet area showing setting of Anchorage; Mount Sanford and the Wrangell Mountains; Sourdough Peak in the southern foothills of the Wrangell Mountains; Cliffs of Triassic limestone in the southeastern Wrangell Mountains; Mount McKinley from the northeast; Part of the Alaska Range, including Mount McKinley; Eocene coals and sandstones on Lignite Creek, near Healy; Recessional moraines on the north side of Iliamna volcano; Caldera of Katmai volcano; Head of the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes; Dacite dome on the south Hank of Trident volcano; Shishaldin volcano, Unimak Island; Placer gold mining near Fairbanks; Typical upland terrain, northern Seward Peninsula; Mount Doonerak from Amawk Mountain, Brooks Range; Highest part of the Brooks Range; Polygonal ground and thaw lakes near Skull Cliff, southwest of Barrow. MAPS (some folding): Physiographic provinces of Alaska; Southeastern Alaska; Gulf of Alaska area, Wrangell Mountains, Copper River plateau, Talkeetna Mountains, Cook Inlet and Susitna lowland, and Alaska Range; Alaska Peninsula-Aleutian Islands; Lowlands and plains of interior and western Alaska; interior high-lands of western and eastern Alaska; Seward Peninsula; Brooks Range and Arctic Slope. FIGURES: Evolution of Okmok caldera, Umnak Island; Present areas occupied by glaciers and by permafrost, and areas formerly covered by glaciers at the time of their maximum spread during the Pleistocene period; Development of the Bering Sea Land Bridge. Howel Williams, a Professor of Geology at Berkeley, was a world-famous volcanologist. Very good in chipped dust jacket (in mylar protector). $25 plus $3.50 media mail postage (international orders extra). For faster shipping, inquire. Credit cards not accepted. [shelf locator: Nat Hist Bookcase]. Inv#9999. To order this item email

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