Brelsford, Ginna. Profiles in change : names, notes and quotes for Alaskan women. researched and written by Ginna Brelsford ; edited by Steve Lindbeck ; graphic design by Carolyn Fleshman. Alaska Commission on the Status of Women, 1983, Anchorage, Alaska. 194 pages, oblong softbound, in comb binding. Annie Brower, Rachel Craig, Brenda Itta, Della Keats, Georgianna Lincoln, Bertha Moses, Sadie Neakok, Mary Schaeffer, Clare Swan, Fran Ulmer, Alice Wardlow, Rosita Worl, to name just a few of the women profiled in this important volume. (keywords: Alaska Women; Women Alaska Interviews; Women Alaska Biography; Women Alaska History; Indians of North America: Alaska Women; Alaska Women in politics). $25  plus $6.00 media mail postage, packing, & insurance (international orders extra). For faster shipping, inquire. Credit cards not accepted. Condition is good. [shelf locator: Alaska History Bookcase, Author=Brelsford]  Inventory #1365 . To order this item email

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